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The World Bank Group Archives periodically publishes online exhibits highlighting the holdings of the Archives or aspects of the Bank's history. Below are some of the most recent or popular exhibits. Older exhibits have been converted to pdf and transferred to the World Bank's online publication database, Documents & Reports, where they form the World Bank Group Archives Exhibit Series.

Colbert King

Black History Month Exhibit Series -- Mr. Colbert I. King: U.S. Executive Director and Pulitzer Prize Winner

To mark Black History Month this year, World Bank Group Archivist Bertha Wilson explores the achievements and contributions of Colbert I. King, the United States' first African American Executive Director. Mr. King had a prominent voice during his tenure on the Board of Directors and played a key role in ensuring the International Development Association's (IDA) 6th replenishment went through with the investment needed from the US administration. After leaving the Bank Group, Mr. King went on to write a weekly column for the Washington Post, winning a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 2003.