We’re recruiting trustees!

8 November 2021

We’re looking for two new trustees to join our current team of trustees who will help guide us in the next phase of our mission to set all young people up to thrive in life.

If you’re an expert in system change in education (or a related field) or philanthropy and are passionate about supporting all young people to thrive we’d love to hear from you. By joining our team of trustees you’ll shape our strategic vision, apply your existing expertise, and learn from others. You’ll be joining an incredible team who are committed to making a real and lasting impact.

Trustee role – Focus on Philanthropy

We’re looking for someone who has experience of at least some of the following areas:

  • Progressive approaches to philanthropy, where smart funding can act as a catalyst for big changes
  • Developing powerful funding partnerships that enable multiple organisations to leverage their strengths to fund complex, ambitious programmes and organisations
  • Inspiring and persuading others to support work that you believe in
  • Supporting charities or social enterprises with ambitious strategies for system change

Trustee role – Focus on System Change

We’re looking for someone who has experience of at least some of the following areas:

  • Playing a key role in a complex system change initiative either in education or in another arena with similar dynamics 
  • Leading multi-stakeholder work that includes public engagement, campaigns and coalition building to bring about social change
  • Actively engaging young people, communities and/or those with lived experience as key agents of the change, creating platforms and structures that ensure they are supported to lead

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