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Results Highlights


Providing Safety Nets for the Most Vulnerable in the Democratic Republic of Congo

IDA's STEP program aided 5.8 million people in DRC, including 3 million women, building 2,185 infrastructures in 1,166 communities and providing $93M in safety nets like cash transfers, grants, and skills training to 530,000 individuals.
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Livestock Development Project (PRODEL) in Cameroon

Managing Pastoral Resources to Improve Livelihoods in Cameroon's Far North, North, Adamawa and East Regions

Since 2019, over 360,000 livestock producers, of which 22 percent women — and including 38,350 pastoralists — have benefitted from the Livestock Development Project (PRODEL) in Cameroon.
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Powered by the Sunshine: Achieving Cheaper, Cleaner and Sustainable Energy in the Maldives

World Bank-financed projects ASPIRE and ARISE support the Maldives' energy transition by installing more than 53.5 megawatts of solar capacity and 50-megawatt hours of battery storage. This will reduce Maldives' annual import bill by about $30 million.
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Expanding Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Indonesia

Since 2006, PAMSIMAS, a national rural community-based water and Sanitation project, benefitted about 24 million people with improved access to water supply facilities and provided 16 million with access to improved sanitation.
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Kosovo results brief

Digital Infrastructure Boosts Resilience and Improves Lives in Rural Kosovo

With World Bank support, Kosovo now has one of the highest number of high-speed internet subscriptions per household in Europe, it outpaces leading EU countries according to data published by EUROSTAT (2021).
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Brazilian small farmer Edejane Araujo

Supporting Brazilian Women to Help them Unlock Opportunities and Thrive

The World Bank supports Brazil, its states, and municipalities in their effort to help women access jobs, earn opportunities and social services.
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An Egyptian lady cooking food in the kitchen on a natural gas stove.

Reliable and Affordable Access to Clean Energy for 2.25 Million Households in Egypt

The World Bank, in cooperation with the French Agency for Development (Agence Française de Dévelopement) and the European Union, connected 2.25 million households in Egypt through the Household Gas Connection Project.
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Why Results Matter

Measuring and reporting results is critical to ensure development effectiveness of our operations.

The World Bank works with client countries to improve measurement approaches and systems that help them track progress, learn lessons, and make timely corrections to achieve their development goals.

The Bank demonstrates results using various channels, both quantitatively and qualitatively. This is to capture the development impact of our diverse portfolio of tailored solutions for our client countries’ unique development challenges.


To learn more check out the Measuring and Reporting Results Factsheet.


Delivering Results

Delivering Strong Results in a Challenging Global Environment 

Amid multiple global crises, the World Bank Group (WBG) continues to deliver strong results by responding to the immediate needs of countries, helping millions of affected people, building strong foundations, and paving the way towards a green, inclusive, and resilient future. The WBG’s Global Crises Response Framework supports clients navigate these challenges and stay the course toward long-term development outcomes.   
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Corporate Results

The Corporate Scorecard reports the annual snapshot of results achieved by the World Bank Group, including results and performance indicators of the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

The IDA Results Measurement System offers a similar view of the International Development Agency, the World Bank's fund for the poorest.

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Results Briefs are short presentations of results that have been achieved with World Bank support. They describe the challenges, solutions and results achieved and provide information on financing instruments and beneficiaries.

Implementation Status and Results Reports (ISR) provide regularly updated information on progress directly from individual projects under implementation. 

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Implementation Completion and Results Reports (ICR) record achievements against a project’s development objectives. 
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